Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Gun Rights Supported and Violent Crime Down Again


The title tells it all ladies and gentlemen. It's exactly what I and every other activist for the Second Amendment have been saying for decades.

Those who are willing and inclined to commit a rape, robbery or murder with a firearm, do not and never have obeyed laws that regulate firearm sales, possession or transportation.

It seems so obvious, that it's actually painful for me to keep repeating it. The only people who obey laws that control guns are people who obey the law in the first place.

The once championed federal Clinton-Reno Semi-Automatic Firearms Ban that sunset last September is a perfect example of what I'm speaking of. There were thousands of anti-gun activists who lamented about "blood running in the streets" if the sunset on the Semi-auto ban remained.

Whenever they could find a microphone and a camera they wailed and whined about semi-automatic rifle fire echoing in every street and in every alley in the nation if the ban on semi-auto firearms was allowed to pass into the annals of terrible legislation.

Sarah Brady of Handgun Control Incorporated fame and now The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence said of the sunsetting semi-auto ban "Our streets are going to be filled with AK-47s and Uzis."

They all grieved and carried on about how many young men would be lost in America's streets. However, the only loss that occurred was in the credibility of gun control activists.

Every single time that a state passed concealed handgun carry legislation, the gun control miscreants and the gun ban iconoclasts, reached for every camera and microphone they could get their filthy hands on and made dire predictions of car accidents escalating into gunfire. They forecast that simple disputes would swell into high murder rates all over the state because people were going to be allowed the freedom to carry a concealed firearm.

Now, thirty eight states and I think soon to be thirty nine, have enacted legislation that allows concealed carry of a handgun. What has happened with the massive increase in concealed carry states and the sunset of the asinine Clinton-Reno semi-automatic ban from 1994?

According to the F.B. I., crime, especially the violent crimes of rape, robbery and murder are down and down big-time. Even more so in the highly populated inner cities. Crime is dropping precipitously.

Cities with more than a million (1,000,000) citizens saw the largest decrease in rates of violent crime of 5.4%. Cities with under ten thousand (10,000) citizens saw the largest decrease in actual rates of murder of 12.2%.

Nationwide, murders fell by 3.6%. All four of the nation’s regions showed decreases in violent crime, with the Northeast dropping the most, 2.6 percent, followed by the West (2 percent), Midwest (1.5 percent) and South (1.2 percent).

So, you might ask....

How come the media isn't loudly trumpeting the fact that rates of violent crime are down, while the Second Amendment has gained much more support in both Congress and the state legislatures? The semi-auto ban is gone, many new states are allowing lawful citizens to carry concealed firearms and murder rates are down 3.6% overall and 12.2% in smaller cities.

Why is everybody silent on this issue except for those who support The Right to Keep and Bear Arms. It seems that the only place you'll hear of this great news is on pro-gun blogs and pro-gun Web sites like www.SaveTheGuns.com and the NRA, GOA and others.


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