Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Oakland California Police Officers Killed

Recently in Oakland, California, four (4) police officers were killed in the same day, by the same felon. I forget the felon's name and that's probably a good thing. The felonious thug does not deserve to have his name repeated in public anyway. He deserves no fame whatsoever, so even if I could remember his name, I wouldn't mention it.

This thug had a very extensive criminal record. He was being investigated for a recent rape, which I believe he was responsible for, but maybe I shouldn't say that, because he was never convicted of it. He's now deceased, thank God.

It seems that he made a concious decision that he was not going back into a prison cell. Anyway, he was pulled over for a traffic violation and killed the two police officers on motorcycles that pulled him over. He then escaped on foot and hid himself in a local apartment building that he was familiar with and somehow illegally obtained a rifle therein.

When a tipster notified police of his location, a SWAT team assaulted the apartment and this dirtbag, piece of garbage, felon, killed two more police officers in the ensuing battle. My question in this entire matter is solely based on a single inquiry...


Really!!! What is the difficulty with keeping people behind prison walls who cannot or will not control themselves in a public place and at least make a valiant attempt at observing the Ten Commandments of God found easily in Exodus 20 of the Bible?

In May of 2008, a Philadelphia, PA police officer was killed responding to a bank robbery in progress. He was killed by one of three felonious thugs who were in the process of robbing a Bank of America branch.

The shooter, (I forget his name too) had such an alarming and phenomenally extensive criminal record that he should have been in prison until the year 2038. But he was released from prison on parole almost thirty (30) years early. Yes, almost thirty years EARLY.

The pathetic Mayor of Philadelphia, Nut-case, er I mean Nutter I think his name is, could only respond to the tragic murder of the police officer, by calling for a further erosion of the Second Amendment rights of the law abiding citizens of Philadelphia. Governor Rendell, also had a single-minded response of pointing the crooked finger of accusation at the illegally obtained firearm that the thug wielded. How inexpressibly pathetic...

The fault for the deaths of the five police officers I've mentioned above rests solely and completely on our very own broken criminal justice system. Yes, our criminal justice system is broken. Our justice system has collapsed and it has failed. It is not merely in the process of failing; it is now broken.

A few years ago, in a small town in Rhode Island, a homeowner awoke at around 2:00 AM to the sound of breaking glass in his kitchen. His wife called 911 as he grabbed his 12 gauge shotgun and ran to the sound of someone breaking in through his kitchen door.

As he approached the kitchen, the violent intruder was coming into the kitchen with a long-bladed screwdriver held above his head ready to attack the homeowner. The homeowner was given no choice but to fire to save himself from greivous injury. But what was the real surprise in this story?

The real surprise in this story is that the homeowner took a felon out of the public, where the criminal justice system could not. After the shooting was deemed justified, it came out in the local news that the felonious intruding numb-nut dirtbag had twenty nine (29) previous CONVICTIONS.

That's not 29 arrests. That's not 29 accusations. That's not 29 trials. That's not 29 prosecutions by the Attorney General's office. That's 29 convictions for serious crimes. Why are we allowing felons out of prison at this appalling rate? It seems that the only thing that can remove a felon from public is a load of buckshot or a SWAT team filling him full of holes and blasting off chunks of his oozing flesh.

What we absolutely must insist upon is that our criminal justice system works to keep people away from us who cannot control themselves in a public place. Our police officers have a hard enough job, without pulling over a subject for a traffic violation that was convicted of armed robbery just a few months before.

Many decades ago, there used to be many attempts at felons in prison who tried to escape. Do you remember some of those stories? They would try to dig themselves out of prison with a teaspoon over a period of months... Or they would devise some ingenious attempt to get smuggled out of prison in a laundry basket...

Well, dear readers, that mindset is no longer necessary. If a felon of convicted of his fourth armed robbery, third rape, second murder, seventh aggravated armed assault or whatever, all the felon has to do is sit and wait for a few months until some weak-kneed pansy judge or some disconnected and unconcerned parole board decides that he should be released to prey on the public once again.

Ladies and gentleman, the fault for America being the eighth (8th) most violent country in the world per capita, lies solely with two things.
1.) The felon's unwillingness to obey the Ten Commandments.
2.) The criminal justice system's seeming inability to keep him away from us.

The fault is not with the United States Constitution. It is not the Second Amendment that is responsible for armed violent crime. It's not the NRA that is at fault here. It's not the 'lack of common-sense gun laws'. The fault lies with the felon and with the people responsible for letting them out of prison, sometimes decades early.

When a state Attorney General, big city mayor, or State Governor points the crooked finger of unwarranted and false accusation at the Second Amendment or the NRA, we know the real fault for this situation lies in their mirror every morning they wake up. This is a responsibility that our elected officials should not be allowed to shirk.

If you want to learn more about my ideas on crime fighting, while preserving the words and spirit of the Constitution, go see my 'Share the Solution' page at www.SaveTheGuns.com, oh and while you're there, join the NRA too.

Marc Richardson
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Anonymous said...

well...shoulda worn there armour. how do two officers get gunned down by one man? lack of training or lack of attention by the officers. cops in this county wouldnt be getting shot all the time if they trained like officers in other countries. american cops get our pig nickname it seems becasue a lot of us are out of shape pigs. trust me if my partner got shot my gun would out and 3 bullets would be in the guys head so fast his fuckin head would spin (actually it would fall off). the first cop that got shot i feel bad for, theres no way you can walk up to every traffic offender with your hand on your holster and even if you did he has the suprise advantage but still there are ways to protect yourself like approaching from the passeger side window with your armour on!...the second one i dont, he didnt do his job. theres no way he did, if he had came around on the passenger side or gave cover from the bikes theres no way the offender would have had time to turn his weapon on both police. same goes for swat members, unless he (the perp) were firing an automatic or simi auto hunting rifle there shouldnt be a chance of him taking down two swat members...ever heard of a flashbang or smoke grenade? loser ass cops making us all sound weak. if a punk ass guy wants to pull a peice out on me i dare him to... i havnt got to kill anyone since d. storm.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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